Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rock, Paper, Scissors

I'm cleaning off my floor. I have this filing cabinet next to my desk and I usually just put things in front of it instead of in it and sort things out later! (Lazy much?)

I'm going through all the papers the boys brought home during the school year to see what I want to keep and what to toss. Their file cabinet slots are getting way too full, so yesterday I bought two plastic bins to put things into.

Going through T's papers I found this story....

One day Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln raced outside from the White House to see who would steer the helicopter. They got there at the same time. They had a big fight. Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln had an election. They tied nine to nine. They did Rock, Paper, Scissors but Abraham kept cheating. Barack decided that they should play bowling.
by T (edited for minor spelling errors)

That kid slays me!

Loving Summer Break, Ruth!


sophanne said...

That's Hysterical!!!!!

Donna said...

Love the story! So compelling.

Yarnhog said...

I've often thought rock, paper, scissors would be a lot more sensible when it comes to making major political decisions than the methods we currently use (corrupt elections, corrupt politicians, and corrupt wars). For the really big things, we could always play Yahtzee. That's how we do it in my house, and the Supreme Court hasn't had to step in once!