Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Short Romance

On Monday, T came home from school and said, "Hey Mom! I have a girlfriend. And for real this time!" (Whenever he mentions a girl's name we say, "Is she your girrrrrlfrrrrriend?". Because we are 12.)

Me: Really? Who is she?
T: Rose!
Me: Oh? I like Rose! {She's a full head taller then anyone else in the class, pretty, very smart, very polite and kind.} How did she become your girlfriend?
T: I asked her!
Me: What did you say?
T: "Will you be my girlfriend?"
Me: What did she say?
T: Can I answer that later?
Me: Um, I guess. Why don't you just tell me now?
T: No, that's what she said, "Can I answer that later?".
Me: {laughing} Oh! OK. So did she? What did she answer?
T: Yes!
Me: Well, what does her being your girlfriend mean? What does she do that makes her your girlfriend?
T: I don't know. She just hangs out with me and stuff.
Me: Yea, that's about right. {phew!}

When Dave came home I had T relay the whole story to him and Dave said, "Well, that's cool!". Then T said, "Yea, we're going to get married." Dave said, "Slow your roll there, little man. Don't get ahead of yourself!" Then we told T that he was going to meet a bunch of people throughout his life before he meets "the one". We told him how Daddy and Mommy went out with lots of different people before we met each other and that the odds of him marrying someone he meets and dates before he's 25 are pretty slim.

Yesterday I picked the boys up after school and asked T, "How's Rose?".
T: I think she broke up with me.
Me: Really? What'd she say?
T: She said we should probably just be friends.
Me: Yea, that sounds like a break-up. That's OK, though, you guys are a bit young yet to be boyfriend and girlfriend and she'll make a great friend!
T: Yea, it's OK.

And just like that, he's over it. Not that there was really anything to be over! That romance was shorter then a Brittany Spears wedding! (And, fortunately for all, with much less drunken public nudity.)

And so it begins, Ruth!


Yarnhog said...


You know he's not old enough for a girlfriend if he's still young enough to tell you about it! ;)

Tammy said...

LOL! Yep... the older boys do NOT want to talk about it. But of course I'm sure it would help if I was saying stuff like "ooooh, you sent her flair on Facebook!" Yes Ruth... I am 12 too.