Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tantrums Aren't Attractive

Saturday at the Sock Summit....

It started out beautifully! We figured out why we'd been taking cold showers for the past three days - John and Melissa's guest shower has opposite markings! Turn to cold to get hot. Who knew?

Then, the outstanding breakfast! I'd requested oatmeal and Melissa put on an oatmeal that won't soon be forgotten but will often be copied. On the counter next to the real (quick, but not instant) oatmeal was the following:
white sugar, brown sugar, little spice bottles of cinnamon and ginger (cinnamon is appreciated, ginger is genius! I mixed them both in) and on the table was a huge bowl of various fresh berries, cut-up bananas and cantaloupe.

Best. Oatmeal. Ever!

The Marketplace was surprisingly slow. It was a long day but still fun and got to meet some amazing people!

At the end of the day, though, the whole trip had caught up with Donna and I. We were exhausted. Beyond fatigue. And we still had to eat and make it to the Ravelry meetup!

Imbrium and two of her friends asked where we wanted to eat. The choices were a restaurant 5 blocks away from the Convention Center (walk 5 blocks, eat, then walk 5 blocks back to catch the train for the Ravelry meetup) or a bar that was kind of on the way (take the train, walk a bit, eat, walk back to train to Rav meetup). We opted for option 2.

By the time we got off the train, Donna and I were already toast. We walked to the bar. It seemed like miles. I remember Donna and I were walking behind the others and at one point I had a little stomping, "Why the hell aren't we there yet??" fit. Thankfully, Donna was the only witness to this pathetic spectacle. (On Monday, I discovered it was only about 3 blocks.)

Then when we got to the bar, we had to wait. It was Saturday night, after all, and the place was packed to the gills. They asked if D and I wanted to go somewhere else. I said (OK, may have snapped it) no, let's just wait and get something to drink. It was a brewery and all I wanted was a bucket of water to drink. (Being in the CC building all day is like being in an airplane all day - the air is so dry and it sucks the life out of you!)

The wait was actually only about 5 minutes and we got a table. We ordered and I was feeling a little more social and a little less like taking someone's/anyone's head and putting it on a platter. The food was delicious! I ordered the thin crust pizza appetizer with pears and prosciutto and a crumbly white cheese that wasn't feta or bleu (can't remember what kind). D had the fancy mac and cheese. We ate and laughed and talked. I remember being so tired that my speech was actually slurring as if I'd been drinking a bucket of beer instead of water!

By the time we were done, D and I were truly done. What were we thinking?? Super tired, so let's order bread/pasta and cheese. We opted out of the Rav meetup. I was too tired to even be bummed about it! I was so tired that I vaguely remember seeing a HUGE white Hummer at the intersection and thinking that was the funniest damn thing I'd ever seen! We were waiting for the train back to the CC (where our car and a 20-30 min. drive awaited us) and I couldn't stop laughing at having seen that ridiculously large car!

Probably the most uneventful day in the whole trip but there it is!

Hey! I forgot to remind everyone about the R.I.P. Challenge!

I had so much fun with it last year, I'm doing it again this year. I believe you can join at any time, so have at it!

I'm tackling the first 4 books of Stephen King's Dark Tower Series. I've already finished the first one. It seemed a bit disjointed and vague but I think that was part of it's mystique. Also, looking at the inside of the title page, I saw it was published in pieces in a short story magazine (they still had a few of those in 1978 when it first came out!). My only beef is that the big reveal at the end had me asking, "Who?!" Maybe I missed something but I don't remember that name being part of the book at all! OK, maybe "not at all" isn't quite right but it was mentioned briefly enough that I couldn't even find it when trying to skim back through the whole book to get more info on that name.

But in Book Two (already started), King gives a brief overview of Book One and tells more about the name.

The Challenge host is also doing Short Story Sunday - very cool! I've been working my way through Strange Attraction - I only bought 3 books last year and this was one of them. It's very cool!

R.I.P. Roarin' and Ready, Ruth!

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Turtle said...

lol, awe, even with tantrums you get to have all the fun! smile Hmmm, will have to look into that challenge!