Thursday, May 28, 2009

Y is for YAY!

Another day of scattered randomness....

Why yes, that is me in the latest issue of Knit.1! Well, you know, not me personally but if you look at page ten you'll see something I'm rather fond of. You'll have to squint. It's #4 on the page. It's difficult to see and they put instead of and called it a crochet hook keychain instead of a Stitch Saver but I don't even care - I'm so happy and proud of it! It's stupid how excited I am to be in that magazine!! YAY!

Got the classes I wanted at Sock Summit '09 - YAY! Holy Jeebus, how crazy was that sign-up, right? Anyone else get caught up in the madness that was SS09 sign-ups? Since Donna and I are sharing a booth, we decided to take some classes while we were there. I'm in the Friday AM Cross Your Cables and Dot Your Purls class. In the frenzy, I'm also in the Sunday AM one. AND in the Sunday AM 9a Podcasting 101 class (from the registration page, it looks like I'm getting a private class there as I'm the only one signed up for that hour - cool!). Thursday 10a Favorite Toe-up Bind-Offs? Yes please! I'll be there! Donna only wanted two classes and she got them - Sat. 10a KnitteRX, and Sunday 11a Podcast 101 (can anyone guess what Donna and I have been thinking about doing?).

Actually, she couldn't get in and I got lucky enough to make it in, so I signed up for all our classes and she'll just have to pretend to be me for a couple of hours. I also got our Opening Reception and Sock Hop tickets. We didn't get Luminary Panel tix because we thought, as vendors, we wouldn't be able to make that but turns out we can, so we're going to get those tix soon.

For those going, did you get classes? Which ones? Were they the ones you wanted? The Rav SS09 board was exploding Tues. morning, people feelin' all butt hurt and stuff. I know it's easy for me to say as I got what I wanted but people were sounding actually bitter about the whole thing and I kept thinking, "People. It's only knitting. Calm down!". One woman said she wasn't even going to go even though she had already bought a $200 non-refundable plane ticket way before they posted the classes. I think that's just stupid. She said she couldn't justify the ticket just to go shopping at the marketplace. Well, I say (here) that she shouldn't have purchased a non-refundable ticket for something that wasn't set in stone yet! On the Rav board I said, "Come anyway! You already have the ticket and it could be a mini-vacation. There's SO much to do and see in Portland (I hear) and there's the marketplace and the LYS's and the town is going to be filthy with other knitters - it'll be fun!" And so I say the same to those that read this, who were planning on coming and didn't get the classes they wanted. Please, if you were planning to, come anyway!

With the frenzy that was class sign-up, I got super nervous about being a vendor. I actually had a bit of a panic attack and Donna was kind enough to talk me down from the ledge. I have a LOT of work to do and not much time to do it. I've been getting up an hour earlier every day to work on my stuff.

One of the things I've already messed up are my biz cards. I bought 5000 biz cards from VistaPrint ($80 incl. shipping!), and it only occurred to me yesterday (when I got the "we're shippin' 'em" email) that I hadn't put Stitch Savers ANYWHERE on the damn cards! I've got 5elementknitr on there like 4 times (name, email, etsy, blog) and not once is there mention of what it is I make. I'm such a dolt!

I made the SAME exact mistake 12 years ago when I had my first biz cards made up after I got my massage license. Name, number, cute logo - I was so proud of them! I showed them to my friend John and he said, "Great, but what do you do?" I said, "What do you mean?? We went to school together, you know I do massage!" "Yeah," he said, "I know that but how would a stranger know?" Oh. Yea. No mention of massage therapy.

So now I'm going to get a stamp for the back of the cards and for the receipts.

sigh. (no YAY here!)

(As a side note, if you order online from VistaPrint, be very careful what you check/uncheck in the process. A lot of vendors have said VistaPrint start charging your credit card $15 a month if you check the wrong thing (and apparently they just get the money for fun, there seems to be no tangible reason for the charge!). I've always ordered over the phone so it's not been a problem for me.)

Got the latest installment of STR's Notorious Sock Knitters sock club. 3 for 3 - I'm loving these colorways and the patterns! YAY!

2 posts, 2 days in a row???

YAY me, Ruth!


Yarnhog said...

Oh, yay for you! Congratulations!

I'm not going to SS, so I guess I won't get to see what seven bazillion stitch savers looks like...

Heide said...

I live 30 minutes from Portland so I'll be hanging out at SS. I was only able to get into one, one-hour class on Thursday and a ticket to the luminary panel. Can't wait to meet you and everyone else there.

Nell said...

Umm... Yeah... I got totally shut out of the classes at Sock Summit. That was the same day I found out I got the days off from work. Awesome. Oh well. I may still come up just to hang out. Is that allowed like at Stiches??? Is there a fee?

So cool that you are a vendor! And congrats on Knit1!

Turtle said...


I emailed you my "will"