Thursday, November 13, 2008

Around The Internets

I've been seeing some really great stuff online lately...

New Blogger - go say hi!
Knitting With Dogs

A very impassioned piece from Keith Oberman. Love that guy! In this segment, he appears to be near tears a couple of times. As many times as I've watched him, I've never seen him like that. It's here.

A custom poem made for kmkat. She won it! It's a very moving bit of writing. I'm always envious of people that can write in such a way as to provoke actual emotion. The most I can manage to provoke is annoyance.

Candidates facing off. Hysterical!

An origin of the Pop Goes the Weasel nursery rhyme. And a follow-up.

Wasting time on the web, Ruth!


Anonymous said...

That Olberman piece is powerful. I wish I had the guts to send it to my whacked out *Christian* relatives.

Yarnhog said...

I love that Olberman piece. It came on while I was watching his show and I made the whole family shut up and watch. I can't change closed minds, but I can make sure my kids grow up understanding that human rights apply to everyone, not just to people who are like them.

(And for those who are appalled that I would teach my kids about gay people, guess what? They're not in the least disturbed. Turns out homophobia, like all bigotry, is learned.)

Nell said... That's my favorite internet time suck at the moment!