Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Fair Idea

I've been going through my old posts to see what I've put in as drafts but didn't actually throw out there. Here's one from a year and a half ago....

"I've been trying to work all morning but T keeps interrupting me every 5 seconds to show me the wonders of his new Vsmile game (scooby doo). He's at a new level on the game and Davis keeps asking questions. Finally T tells D2, "Davie, you're distracting me." Then he turns to me and asks, "Mom, do you know what 'distracting' means?"

I told him, "I have a fair idea what it means." He asked me for a definition. At 5, sarcasm still escapes him some."

It's funny because now, at 7, he totally gets sarcasm. And uses it quite well!

Sarcasm runs in the family, Ruth!


Nell said...

I love sarcastic kids! My older sister was asked by our pastor one Christmas Eve if Santa would be coming to our house. She just looked at him with pity and said, "if you say so." As if she couldn't believe that he still a believer.

knitnzu said...

Loads of sarcasm from my 12 year old... can't say I love it when I'm asking him to do things... (he's standing here and says "hi")

Oh, and he says I just really portray him to be a terrible person but he's really ok... which of course he is.