Monday, May 5, 2008

Answers - Part 2

I copied Uberstrickenfrau's idea to open the blog up to questions.

Nell asked, "What's your favorite trip ever?"

Wow. Can't even begin to answer this one.

Some friends and I conned our parents out of $200 each to send us to summer camp and the five of us hitchhiked our happy asses down to LA. We spent the week living on the streets of LA and had an amazing time! We went to the Zebra Club one night and I hung out with Anthony Keidis (lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers). He and I talked for several hours - way in to the wee hours of the morning. He made a move on me and I told him, "Dude, I'm only 14." He stopped and said it was great talking with me and we said good-bye. Five minutes later, he was making out with some blonde chick. I didn't mind in the least and was glad to finally get some sleep!

I went to Europe for a few weeks when I was 17. Great adventures ensued.

Spent two years in Germany when I was in the Army (from age 22-24). Can that count as one big long trip? Because I had the Time. Of. My. Life! during those two years. I traveled as much as possible (and considering the ease and lack of soldierly nature of my job in the Army, that was a lot). I went all over Germany (at least the Southern parts), whitewater rafting in Austria, a trip to the Swiss Alps and the Black Forest, and made my pilgrimage to Jim Morrisson's grave in Paris to name a few highlights.

What about the trip to Tahoe when I got married? Or the roller coaster hopping honeymoon after?

The Vegas trips? The trips to the hospital to have babies? (OK, that last one wasn't so much fun as just great results after.)

Rachel asked, "What is your most favorite fruit? What fruit do you refuse to eat? And most importantly, if you could be a fruit, what fruit would you choose? Why?"

I adore fruit. I can't think of a single fruit I would refuse to eat. Or any food really. OK, sushi and liver. I don't care for raw meat and I refuse to eat another thing's filter. But fruit - bring it all! My most favorite has got to be peaches.

The 10 years I lived in Tucson were a particularly disappointing time produce-wise. The stuff you'd get was never ripe and would usually rot before it ripened. I grew up outside Fresno, CA and the San Joaquin Valley (which I may be spelling wrong) provides 1/3 of the produce for the nation. So I know the good stuff! The first time Dave went to CA was with me. It was before we were married and we went to go see my family and to San Francisco. On the drive between Clovis and SF, I made him stop at EVERY roadside produce stand we saw on the way. I was gorging on fresh cherries and peaches, plums, all of it!

But peaches. Round, fuzzy, juicy, sweet. I guess that somewhat describes myself so I'll pick to be like that fruit, too! (ugh, grammar much?) It also goes into my all-time favorite dessert - peach cobbler!

Rooie asked, "What are you most scared of?"

I used to be terrified of the dark - mostly because of Very Bad Things when I was a kid. Now I'm usually OK with it. Although, if it's really dark and I'm in it too long, I still end up freaking myself out.

Silence, too. I don't do well with silence. Too many thoughts creep in. I don't like to think too much - haha. I used to sleep with a nightlight and the radio on until Dave and I moved in together. I was 28 then.

Bees. I'm terrified of bees. I'm one of those dorks who flail and scream and make the bees mad.

I think the thing that scares me most is when I think of my man or my boys dying before me. I'm fatalistic and selfish that way. I try not to think about it because it's the stupidest thing ever. As if I have any control over that! My husband teases me about how we'd be better off with the insurance money if something happens to him. I punch him in the arm as hard as I can and say, "It'll just be spent on therapy! Therapy for the boys for having to live with what I'll be like without you and therapy for me for having to be without you!" He's a dork, too!

Well, that's all the answers I have for now.

Feeling nostalgic for travel, Ruth!


Nell said...

I LOVE peaches. They remind me of my grandpa. He would take us to orchards to pick them in August. Yum!

Great trips!!! Thanks for sharing! My best was a trip to Italy with Brian and my college roommates. It was amazing.

Thanks for all the support! I really appreciate it!

Yarnhog said...

I'm with you on the not eating another creature's poison filter. I won't touch liver. Ick.

My favorite fruit is probably pears. But I'm really, really lazy about fruit. I rarely eat it because I don't like getting my hands sticky; I'll only eat it if someone else cuts it up into nice little pieces first.

Me7of11 said...

Bananas and apples are at the top of my A-list right now.

As for your husband's insurance money...I keep telling my husband, "Pssh! We'd blow through that in a week!"

Olga said...

Jim's grave? cooooooooool. I wish I had traveled when I had the chance- I was a very dumb sheltered kid and now I kick myself for not going out and seeing the world. Now I'm too poor.

sophanne said...

Hey Ruth- I tagged you with a yarnhog- romi meme if you feel like it- it's my latest post

Nicole said...

Peaches. Yum. I love peaches.

(Thanks for visiting my (WordPress) blog!)